In Between Races

Before starting to write this post, I spent a good 10 minutes staring at the screen. I aimlessly stared at the blinking cursor prompting me to move my fingers. I stared aimlessly – trying to find the words to explain this idea of in between. I felt and still feel in a daze. I am at a loss for words. I am torn between so many emotions and thoughts that I don’t even know where to begin or how to even explain the confusion that I am feeling. My head is pounding, my heart is sinking into my stomach, I can’t think!

The last few months I have lived in this in between. Caught between what I feel is the right thing to do and what other people are telling me. Unsure of where my life is going now that I am officially a college graduate. Unsure if my life will turn out how I dreamed of. Moving. Packing. Driving to my temporary homes that provide no comfort.

I am a nomad. A woman in search of a home, of some relief and routine. A straight line rather than a route that keeps rerouting.



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