Auntie Flow

I’m sitting here in bed trying to get my homework done, but Auntie Flow decided to come in hot and heavy this month. I never feel as weak and as drained as when my period comes to pay me a visit. And no matter what I do, I become bedridden for a solid two days. There is no amount of yoga, exercise, hot tea or heating pads that could rid me of my pain and get me out of my bed. Yes, of course I could take some ibuprofen to rid me of my misery, but why do that? Why put my kidneys through all that work and why take medicine to cure something that is so natural and beautiful. Sure it’s bloody and disgusting most of the time, but still there’s something delicate and fascinating about this cycle our bodies go through.

Every month, our body goes through these extreme changes in hormones in order to prepare for life – a baby that could possibly be conceived and nurtured within our womb. And yet we take those changes and become aggravated by the fact that we feel bloated or have sprouted new pimples! We often forget that this gift that we are given is a treasure that need be cherished and loved – no matter what pain may come.

– Cristal


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