Crochet Basket •• diy 

Living in Boston hasn’t been easy, mainly because I don’t have any friends here. I hang out with my bf friends once and a while, but it’s not the same as when you make your own friends. So, what I have been doing to pass the time? Crocheting and watching Celia the novela! 

I recently splurged at lush and bought some bathbombs, bubble bars, face masks, and a soap bar! I know. It’s a lot, at least for me. I had no place to put them in our bathroom seeing as we live in a studio with a tiny bathroom, so I crochet this basket! It’s really easy – even if you’re a beginner! 

Here a picture of my finished product! Link to the pattern will be below! I added another increase round to the pattern to make it a bit bigger!

Hope you all enjoy this pattern! Happy crocheting! #gmalife


Crochet pattern here!


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